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E-Waste generally refers to a product that use some form of electricity to operate. These include battery or mains operated items and include products such as cell phones to large electric whitewear items such as fridges and stoves.

In general nearly all electronic items consist of parts that can be recycled. Some products contain potentially toxic elements that could harm the environment if not disposed of or processed properly.

We accept most electronic items for FREE. However there are some items that due to the costs involved in the recycling process, we need to charge a small fee.

The electronic items we accept we sort into different categories:
  • Items we can potentially sell - we test these to ensure they work and are safe
  • Items that may need further testing and/or repair
  • Items that cannot sold – we dismantle these and recover the recyclable parts
  • Items we can’t dismantle – we aggregate and send away for recycling


Computer Monitor CRT$15
Computer Monitor LCD$5
Printers & Fax Machines$5
UPS Batteries$5
Vehicle BatteriesGold Coin Donation
Mobile Phones
Smartphones are the items most commonly thrown into the landfill.  It only costs a gold coin donation for them to be recycled.
Laptops & Computers
Another common device to be thrown away are laptops and computers.  If you drop them off with us, we'll ensure every piece is recycled.
Unfortunately our tellies are not made to last as long as they used to.  When it's time to get a new one, bring the old model into the centre for recycling.

Recycling Responsibly

Don't Dump E Waste
Recycle It with us

We love our electronic devices, but all too often when we replace them, the old model ends up in our landfill. That's why we opened our E Waste division to help reduce the amount of electronics that get thrown away.

When it's time to replace old models, please consider bringing them into the Seagull Centre so they can be recycled responsibly.